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Safety fail: hanging a child out a window Michael Jackson style, while smoking a cigarette

Tuesday, 19th May 2009

I think this street has gone a *wee bit* mad with the Orange bunting

Monday, 18th May 2009

This little old lady’s property is being protected by a Smurf with a shotgun

Monday, 18th May 2009

“Pistols” written on the street with various arrows etc Is it a form of Hobo code (

Monday, 18th May 2009

Extreme Parking! There’s a Mini parked on top the Oxford BMW plant (which is where the cars are built) #streetview via Paul

Friday, 15th May 2009

OMG Is that a stealth bomber in the sky!? No, it’s not. Sorry.

Friday, 15th May 2009

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  1. Bob: There is a Marine Corps air station with two dirigible hangars in Tustin, CA.
  2. Ian: Thanks Tammo – I was aware of it but didn’t include it because it’s not visible.
  3. Ian: Excellent, thanks for all the links everyone!
  4. Tammo: Best Streetview of the one in Sicily is probably from across the water:
  5. PIETRO CONTEGIACOMO: Sirs, you forget or you have no infomation about the “world largest hangar in reinforced...